Su'cuy gar. I am Karlii Alor'ade. A woman of many names and faces: Daughter of Mandalore, Former Republic Intelligence, Proto-Hand, Commander-in-Chief of the Milky Way Mandalorians, Council Ambassador for my people and Galaxy, as well as a expatriate resident of the Milky Way.

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Independent/Crossover Mandalorian OC living in the Milky Way. Any RP interactions, please tag as karalorade.
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kar-alorade sent: What's my prize?


"Pick a tattoo for my character."

"Well, wouldn’t be the first one I suppose. Just try and pick something small, please."

"….So  that’s a no to the tramp stamp that kindly tells them to kiss your ass?

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[its not an insult but hope it helps cheer you up! :)]
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Request for Kar-alorade. Really happy with how this turned out *___* Hope you enjoy!
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Gift for Kar of her OC. 
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[[ i actually dont know how to draw kar at all but i made an attempt wOO ]]

[[Pretty accurate for an attempt. C:]]
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My Mando OC all in color.
Inks and Pencil by my Brofessor, Digital Colors by me.
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[[My Brofessor&#8217;s work.]]
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So I guess the good thing about my internet being out is that I finally finished this.
((Still not ‘really’ back, I’m stealing tenuous school wifi.))
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