Su'cuy gar. I am Karlii Alor'ade. A woman of many names and faces: Daughter of Mandalore, Former Republic Intelligence, Proto-Hand, Commander-in-Chief of the Milky Way Mandalorians, Council Ambassador for my people and Galaxy, as well as a expatriate resident of the Milky Way.

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Independent/Crossover Mandalorian OC living in the Milky Way. Any RP interactions, please tag as karalorade.
morlansfamousshop sent: O Oberon

Her usual levity gone, her stare icy, and her tone deceptively calm. “This is not some silly prefab suit to bought and sold as you please.” She paused to let it sink in. “And anyone not of our people caught wearing it would be killed on sight…so no, I would not think it is a good idea to sell this.”