Su'cuy gar. I am Karlii Alor'ade. A woman of many names and faces: Daughter of Mandalore, Former Republic Intelligence, Proto-Hand, Commander-in-Chief of the Milky Way Mandalorians, Council Ambassador for my people and Galaxy, as well as a expatriate resident of the Milky Way.

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Independent/Crossover Mandalorian OC living in the Milky Way. Any RP interactions, please tag as karalorade.

A Little Escape [James]

All calls were sent to her inbox.

All business was pushed back for a few days, and all her Council business fell to Mereel and Vera.

The fridge was stocked, the cabinets were stocked, and every movie worth their attention was ready on the Extranet. Kar pushed her new caf table aside to leave the floor an open space, piling it with every clean blanket and pillow she could manage. Yes, it was a brief stint of immaturity, but a much-needed one for the two. They need it to keep from going insane. Little did her friend know this was tradition that went back to her first Kamino days, a scared little girl camping out in her uncle’s apartment in a silly little pillow and blanket fort, hiding from the thunder and adapting to her new, strange world. Now it was more as a stress release. Nothing was too dumb or child-like.

With that, she hailed her friend on ‘link. She invited James over on the stipulation that he leave his maturity and worries at the door. This was the fu8n zone, and by the Force, she was not letting any negativity ruin it.