Su'cuy gar. I am Karlii Alor'ade. A woman of many names and faces: Daughter of Mandalore, Former Republic Intelligence, Proto-Hand, Commander-in-Chief of the Milky Way Mandalorians, Council Ambassador for my people and Galaxy, as well as a expatriate resident of the Milky Way.

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Independent/Crossover Mandalorian OC living in the Milky Way. Any RP interactions, please tag as karalorade.
drsolus sent: [I love that you've put so much work and heart into Kar. It really shines through, even from our limited interaction that she's a well-thought out and relatable, real character.]

[[Thank you. I do really try. And I didn’t mean her to have the life that she’s had, it just kinda, happened that way. Ehehe.]]