Su'cuy gar. I am Karlii Alor'ade. A woman of many names and faces: Daughter of Mandalore, Former Republic Intelligence, Proto-Hand, Commander-in-Chief of the Milky Way Mandalorians, Council Ambassador for my people and Galaxy, as well as a expatriate resident of the Milky Way.

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Independent/Crossover Mandalorian OC living in the Milky Way. Any RP interactions, please tag as karalorade.
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justamandalorian replied to your post:

[MSG] Float them down the river and declare them a new landmark in honor of the new legislation.
[MSG] Or you could just sell them all one by one saying that they killed someone famous once.

[MSG:] I don’t know of any rivers inthis city, but I might drop a few from the office window

[MSG:] Selling them sounds good too

[MSG:] Normally I’d just fill my partner’s office with them

[MSG:] He’s a good few planets away tho

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So this happened.
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[MSG:] Do you think my ceiling lamp would hold a body?

[MSG:] Just out of curiosity

[MSG:] Shit, this isn’t Mereel’s channel

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justamandalorian sent:

[MSG:] Any idea what to do with 10000 writing styluses?

[MSG:] Please be aware I am in an Embassy 

[MSG:] Also pretty much have free reign of the place

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Send me ✉ and I’ll randomly generate a text message you’ll get from my muse.


1-40 completely random messages.

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My level of sarcasm’s gotten to a point where I don’t even know if I’m kidding or not.

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Pwease reblog if I can leap into your askbox without ever having talked to you


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koszonet sent: [Writes somewhere that's not offensive] Keep out of reach of children


Thanks for the vote of confidence.

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